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We are a purposeful and self-management organization.
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Our mission

Ignite people's potential through meetings:At Huddles, we firmly believe that work is more than just a collection of duties and tasks; it's an integral part of the journey to realizing one's self-worth. Since the inception of our company, our mission has been to transform the relationship between people and their work by providing innovative solutions that empower individuals.
Our product is designed to break free from the constraints of traditional meeting modes, offering more flexible, efficient, and human-centred approaches to work and meetings. We believe that reshaping work environments and processes not only boosts productivity and efficiency but also enhances the sense of meaning and satisfaction in work. Huddles was created to realize this vision by providing features and functionalities that foster a more fulfilling and productive work experience.
If you had to identify, in one world, the reason
why the human race has not achieved, and never will achieve,
its full potential, that word would be ‘meetings.’
—— Dave Bazzy
A Letter from the Founder
Throughout my nearly 20-year career, a significant part of my job has been facilitating various types of meetings for diverse organizations. I've observed that traditional meeting models often lead to an imbalance in participation. Leaders usually dominate these settings, overshadowing others, resulting in a lack of full engagement and valuable contributions from other participants.
At Huddles, we are wholeheartedly committed to disrupting this pattern and advocating for a meeting culture firmly rooted in collaboration and equal participation. We firmly believe that effective meetings should be anchored in well-planned agendas and meaningful conclusions, ensuring that every participant's voice is not only heard but also actively encouraged, and every idea thoroughly explored. Our suite of products and services is meticulously designed to support this innovative approach to meetings, providing teams with a more equitable and creatively stimulating communication platform.
This approach not only enhances meeting efficiency but also fosters authentic dialogue and interaction among team members, propelling the entire team towards shared objectives. Our vision at Huddles is to instigate a transformation that enables everyone to discover more fulfillment and intrinsic value in their work.
Fiona BertonFounder of huddles
Personal purpose: Transform the relationship between people and work
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