Meeting Preparation
Before anything else, preparation is the key to a successful meeting
Huddles makes meeting preparation simple and professional, and gathers the team's attention for collaboration. More serious preparation for meetings leads to higher focus during the meetings.
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AI agenda builder
Intuitive, tailored agenda creation at your fingertips: Revolutionize your meeting planning with Huddles' AI Agenda Builder. Just provide a meeting theme, background, or specific requirements, and our AI will rapidly craft a structured, comprehensive agenda for you. Huddles stands apart by not only generating an agenda but also offering expert recommendations on how to conduct the meeting for maximum efficiency and professionalism. This feature ensures that every meeting is optimally planned and executed.
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Agenda item card
Streamlined focus and preparation: The Agenda Item Card system in Huddles transforms each agenda point into a focused, manageable unit. This structured approach aids in pre-meeting preparation, allowing participants to understand and reflect on each item thoroughly. These cards guide users in concentrating their thoughts and contributions, leading to more organized and effective discussions.
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Action tracking
Ensuring accountability and meeting closure: At Huddles, we believe that effective meetings result in conclusive actions that are fully executed. Our Past Action Tracking feature automatically aggregates actions from previous meetings with the same theme into an agenda card. This encourages team members to check their progress on assigned actions before the meeting, fostering a culture of accountability and ensuring a closed-loop meeting process. This feature is integral in driving real-world outcomes from meeting discussions.
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Invite attendees or followers
Curated collaboration for targeted outcomes: The ability to invite attendees or followers in Huddles is more than just a feature; it's a strategic tool. By carefully selecting participants based on the agenda's specifics, Huddles ensures that each meeting is enriched with the right expertise and viewpoints. This approach to inclusivity is key in the preparation phase, setting the stage for a meeting that is both collaborative and outcome-focused.
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Meetings are no longer a dreadful, lengthy ordeal in my team

After using Huddles with my team for 4 months, we've significantly improved our meetings: a 28% reduction in average duration, 43% increase in on-time performance, and 3.7 fewer attendees on average. Additionally, 76% of members now prepare in advance, with 71% referring to meeting minutes.

How? Huddles use AI to craft concise agendas and set defined outcomes. These agendas guide discussions, encouraging advance preparation and effective contributions. Defined outcomes highlight team achievements, summarizing discussions and guiding future actions.

Antonio Berton
Founder & CEOON Tech