Empower your team meetings

Clear Agendas & Valuable Conclusions

Huddles is anAI-powered meeting notefor collaborative teams.
We especially focus on enabling teams to generate, consolidate, and manage conclusive outcomes through a professionally structured agenda during meetings.

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At Huddles, we redefine the essence of team meetings. Dive into a space where every voice is heard, collaboration is effortless, conclusions are actionable, and progress is palpable.

Huddles AI
AI-supported meeting efficiency
Empowered by technology, every meeting becomes a paradigm of efficiency and effectiveness.
AI Copilot
AI agenda builder
AI conclusion generation
AI meeting summary
Intelligent Transcription
AI Real-time insight
Meeting preparation
Preparation is the key to a successful meeting
A jointly crafted agenda ensuring meetings focus on relevant issues, improving efficiency and relevance.
Craft agenda topics with a single click by everyone.
Prioritize discussions to stay focused.
Choose from 200+ tried-and-true meeting templates.
During our meetings
Talk together, build the notes together, produce the outcomes together
Huddles aligns the team for action, turns discussions into effective outcomes, and boosts productivity.
Leverage AI for pinpoint outcome suggestions and categorizations.
Stay on track with topic timers.
AI conclusion generation
Group feedback: start with the proposition, then elaborate in detail.
Q&A tool: encourages people to ask questions and pose open-ended questions.
Follow up
Empower team execution after meetings
Ensures decisions become tangible actions, cementing the meeting's value through results.
Track actions seamlessly from previous meetings.
AI meeting summary.
Aggregate and streamline recurring meetings.

Meetings are no longer a dreadful, lengthy ordeal in my team

After using Huddles with my team for 4 months, we've significantly improved our meetings: a 28% reduction in average duration, 43% increase in on-time performance, and 3.7 fewer attendees on average. Additionally, 76% of members now prepare in advance, with 71% referring to meeting minutes.

How? Huddles use AI to craft concise agendas and set defined outcomes. These agendas guide discussions, encouraging advance preparation and effective contributions. Defined outcomes highlight team achievements, summarizing discussions and guiding future actions.

Antonio Berton
Founder & CEOON Tech