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Huddles' AI summarizes discussions as they happen and takes meeting notes in real time, just like your personal meeting assistant.
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AI-supported meeting efficiency
Empowered by technology, every meeting becomes a paradigm of efficiency and effectiveness.
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Before meetings
Save prep time with AI agenda building
Preparing your meeting note can be time-consuming, especially when you get bogged down by details that disrupt your flow.
Huddles' AI Copilot saves you a ton of time by taking over configuration and allowing you to focus on planning.
During our meetings
Engage your team with collaborative features
Get all your team members involved in the note taking process with Huddles' collaborative features that make engagement easy and enjoyable.
After meetings
Ensure execution with action tracking
Keeping up with tasks and deadlines, knowing what's done and what's pending can be a real challenge.
Huddles lets you start each meeting note with a review of past action items to see if everything is moving on track.
Meeting notebooks
Review notes easily with meeting notebooks
With lots of different meetings, meeting notes can be all over the place.
Huddles neatly categorizes them into separate notebooks for effortless review and a comprehensive understanding.
Adaptable for different contexts and teams
Huddles offers a variety of choices to meet your team's specific needs,allowing you to collaborate on any task with anyone.
Meeting templates
300+Templates to start your meeting notes on the right track.
Multilingual support
Transcripts and summaries are available in 50+ languages so you can have meetings with any team in your preferred language.

Meetings are no longer a dreadful, lengthy ordeal in my team

After using Huddles with my team for 4 months, we've significantly improved our meetings: a 28% reduction in average duration, 43% increase in on-time performance, and 3.7 fewer attendees on average. Additionally, 76% of members now prepare in advance, with 71% referring to meeting minutes.

How? Huddles use AI to craft concise agendas and set defined outcomes. These agendas guide discussions, encouraging advance preparation and effective contributions. Defined outcomes highlight team achievements, summarizing discussions and guiding future actions.

Antonio Berton
Founder & CEOON Tech
Huddles is your right choice
I like it. Ever since my team adopted the weekly meeting template from Huddles, our meetings have never overrun.
Lukas Rieger
Lukas Rieger
Cloud Computing Services CEO
With Huddles, there are no more inconclusive meetings. It automatically helps us divide conclusions into five different types, professionally and ultra-efficiently.
Lennard Michael
Lennard Michael
Swedish Furniture Project Manager
I like Huddles! It’s truly a cure [for off-topic interruptions]! Its topic focusing, timing, and deviation reminder functions are simply too practical!
Emma Zhang
Emma Zhang
Pharmaceutical Company R&D Manager
Thanks to Huddles, my team now can enjoy the process—actively discussing, full of energy, and each meeting yields results!
Vaidehi Desai
Vaidehi Desai
Fashion Retail Visual Merchandiser
AI creating a meeting agenda is simply awesome. With Huddles, no matter what the theme and purpose of the meeting are, I can handle it professionally and easily.
Sarah Lynne
Sarah Lynne
Restaurant Chain Operations Manager
This tool has been a game-changer in saving us time. We used to be stuck in those endless 2-3 hour discussions that got us nowhere. But with Huddles, their team decision meeting template? It's pro-level stuff. Gets us making smart calls in like 30 minutes!
Michel Ewals
Michel Ewals
Consulting Services Company Partner
I think when the team has periodic meetings, the check-in opening is a very important link. Huddles' [Opening Agenda Card], with its recommended check-in questions, which are numerous and fun, really helps us start the meeting with rising energy levels.
Zhiyao Liu
Zhiyao Liu
Medical Technology Company Project Manager
The AI real-time transcription feature is my secret weapon for easily recording meetings. The seamless integration of voice transcription and meeting records has completely liberated the meeting secretary.
Ania Katarzyna Stasińska
Ania Katarzyna Stasińska
Non-profit Organization Strategic Director
Before the start of each meeting, reviewing the actions generated from the last meeting really achieves closing the loop of our team meetings. Huddles ensures that we don’t forget and efficiently execute every time, and I especially love this action tracking feature!
Michelle Yang
Michelle Yang
Brand Strategy Company Sales Director
Huddles totally save us. I've worked for twenty years, and in all companies I’ve experienced, meeting minutes are scattered everywhere. Huddles has solved this problem for me, becoming my team's meeting hub, where all relevant meeting minutes are aggregated.
Stan Thomassen
Stan Thomassen
MSN Multinational Company COO
After using Huddles, my team's meetings have been reduced by at least half! I found that many meetings simply don’t need that many participants—the more people, the less efficient. Huddles allows partners who don't need to attend the meeting understand the meeting details quickly. And it's much more convenient than watching a video, done in 5 minutes!
Joyce Wijaya
Joyce Wijaya
Cross-Border E-commerce Founder
Cost reduction and efficiency improvement are not only achieved through budget cuts. In fact, the biggest waste within an organization often comes from inefficient meetings. Huddles significantly helps us save the time of meetings, which to me is the real cost reduction and efficiency improvement.
Darin Bishop
Darin Bishop
Cross-Border E-commerce Company CEO
I believe that meetings are actually a process of collaboration and co-creation. Huddles advocates supporting teams to meet efficiently, and it really does! Co-create agendas, co-write minutes, and jointly follow the next actions. I think a very important point is to let the team know that the meeting we hold is not a leader's meeting, but our team's collective meeting 🥰.
Huddles Founder
If your team has Agile stand-up meetings, then I sincerely recommend Huddles to you! No need for everyone to go through tasks like reporting, Huddles can automatically summarize the team member's task list from yesterday, and conveniently record today’s work tasks, finishing the daily stand-up meeting within 15 minutes, easily and simply.
Ines Sanila
Ines Sanila
Scrum Master
The AI recommendation for meeting conclusion output really surprised me! We often discuss excitedly, and after the discussion, it’s over, but Huddles’ AI feature will automatically recommend the next actions and decisions that should be recorded from this discussion, truly achieving results in every meeting.
Matias Lucero
Matias Lucero
International Logistics Company Co-Founder