AI-supported meeting efficiency
Empowered by technology,
meeting becomes a paradigm of efficiency.
Huddles harnesses the power of AI to support teams in efficiently managing meeting agendas, producing conclusions, and fostering cohesion. We believe that a collaborative team, striving for effective meetings, is embracing the core method to success.
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AI copilot standby
Proactive assistance for smooth meetings: Experience seamless meeting management with Huddles' AI Copilot. This feature remains alert throughout your meeting, ready to assist with any immediate needs or queries. Whether it’s finding relevant documents, answering topical questions, or even suggesting talking points, the AI Copilot ensures that your meeting flows smoothly without interruptions or delays. It's like having an expert assistant dedicated to making your meetings more productive and less stressful.
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AI agenda builder
Intuitive, tailored agenda creation at your fingertips: Revolutionize your meeting planning with Huddles' AI Agenda Builder. Just provide a meeting theme, background, or specific requirements, and our AI will rapidly craft a structured, comprehensive agenda for you. Huddles stands apart by not only generating an agenda but also offering expert recommendations on how to conduct the meeting for maximum efficiency and professionalism. This feature ensures that every meeting is optimally planned and executed.
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AI outcome generation
Smart summarization for instant clarity: Leveraging AI technology, Huddles can generate concise summaries of meeting outcomes. This feature distills the essence of discussions into clear, actionable insights, saving time and effort in post-meeting analysis. It's an innovative tool for instantly grasping the key takeaways and next steps.
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AI meeting summary
Comprehensive meeting overview at a glance: Huddles' AI Meeting Summary transforms the way you review meetings. After each session, the AI quickly compiles a detailed summary highlighting the key discussions, decisions made, and assigned action items. This high-level overview enables participants and stakeholders to quickly understand the meeting's outcomes without sifting through hours of recordings or pages of notes. It's an efficient way to keep everyone aligned and informed, even if they couldn't attend the meeting.
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Real-time transcription
Effortless documentation for future reference: Say goodbye to manual note-taking with Huddles' AI Meeting Transcription. This feature captures every word spoken in the meeting, ensuring no detail is missed. It provides a comprehensive and searchable transcript, making it easy to revisit discussions, clarify points, and reference decisions long after the meeting has concluded. This tool is invaluable for maintaining a clear and accessible record of your meetings.
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Meetings are no longer a dreadful, lengthy ordeal in my team

After using Huddles with my team for 4 months, we've significantly improved our meetings: a 28% reduction in average duration, 43% increase in on-time performance, and 3.7 fewer attendees on average. Additionally, 76% of members now prepare in advance, with 71% referring to meeting minutes.

How? Huddles use AI to craft concise agendas and set defined outcomes. These agendas guide discussions, encouraging advance preparation and effective contributions. Defined outcomes highlight team achievements, summarizing discussions and guiding future actions.

Antonio Berton
Founder & CEOON Tech