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Ensure actionable follow-up
after every meeting
Make the most of your meetings with comprehensive follow-up tools. With AI-powered summaries and actionable insights, you can keep track of all decisions and ensure that no task is left behind.
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AI meeting summary
Concise recaps for immediate insight: The AI Meeting Summary feature in Huddles automatically generates a concise, clear summary of the meeting's key points and decisions. This tool is invaluable for quick reviews and sharing insights with team members who could not attend. It ensures that everyone stays on the same page and can quickly catch up with the meeting's outcomes, facilitating efficient and informed follow-up actions.
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Aggregation of recurring meeting notes (stream)
Streamlined continuity for recurring meetings: Huddles enhances the continuity of recurring meetings by aggregating notes and key points into a cohesive stream. This feature allows teams to easily track the progression of discussions and decisions over time, providing a comprehensive overview of ongoing projects or topics. The Stream ensures that each meeting builds on the last, maintaining a clear and consistent thread of thought and action.
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Meetings are no longer a dreadful, lengthy ordeal in my team

After using Huddles with my team for 4 months, we've significantly improved our meetings: a 28% reduction in average duration, 43% increase in on-time performance, and 3.7 fewer attendees on average. Additionally, 76% of members now prepare in advance, with 71% referring to meeting minutes.

How? Huddles use AI to craft concise agendas and set defined outcomes. These agendas guide discussions, encouraging advance preparation and effective contributions. Defined outcomes highlight team achievements, summarizing discussions and guiding future actions.

Antonio Berton
Founder & CEOON Tech