Why huddles

Get structured agendas and real-
time, high-value conclusions

Huddles harnesses the power of AI to support teams in efficiently managing meeting agendas, producing conclusions, and
fostering cohesion. We believe that a collaborative team, striving for effective meetings, is embracing the core method to success.
Join 500+ collaborative teams
Clear and structured agenda
A jointly crafted agenda ensuring meetings focus on relevant issues, improving efficiency and relevance.
Craft agenda topics with a single click by everyone.
Prioritize discussions to stay centred.
Choose from 200+ tried-and-true meeting templates.
Real-time meeting solutions with Huddles Copilot
Huddles boosts meeting productivity with AI-driven real-time assistance, solving issues as they arise.
Swift AI meeting agenda setup in under a minute.
Stay on track with topic timers.
Leverage AI for pinpoint outcome suggestions and categorizations.
Engage with real-time reminders from participants, like straying off-topic alerts.
Valuable and concise conclusions
Streamline your decision-making process with Huddles, ensuring quick and clear conclusions are drawn from every discussion
Track actions seamlessly from previous meetings.
AI Meeting summary.
Aggregate and streamline recurring meetings.